Why You Need a Website for Your Band or Music

Posted on June 24th, 2009 in Music Promotion & Marketing, Website Management & Improvement , , ,

If you haven’t got a website to advertise your music or band I’m sure almost everyone has told you that you do need one. They probably haven’t told you why you need one exactly – just that you do. Unfortunately I’m no different. If you want to stand any chance of getting your music heard [...]

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Welcome to my Music Marketing blog. I have been actively involved with online promotion for many years now, both professionally and in my spare time, and being an active musician for the best part of 9 years I felt I needed to share my knowledge and experience with those that would be most appreciative and could put it to good use.

My aim here is to combine the two areas into manageable chunks and present tips, ideas and inspiration for anyone wanting to promote their music online and offline and generally get one foot above the rest, set themselves apart from the average and achieve what they want to achieve musically. I'm hoping the information I post here can help you do just that.

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