Promoting Your DJ Services – Little Things Make a Big Difference

Posted on December 6th, 2009 in Offline Marketing & Promotion.
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It’s been a little while since my last post. I went to a friend’s wedding reception last night. It wasn’t exactly a standard do but one that does the little things that make the day more special – but aren’t strictly necessary. Thousands of tiny ‘just married’ silver foil cutouts sprinkled over all of the tables, huge posters and banners of the bride and groom on their holidays covering the walls of the room and two-foot tall letter-shaped helium balloons spelling out the happy couple’s name spanning the width of the high stage with another balloon of the bride and groom themselves on either side. Behind all of this was the DJ setup, which is the point I wanted to get to and the real reason for this post.

The DJs played typical wedding music with a few modern pop tunes thrown in. They had a decent sound system that filled the room – despite the decibel meter on the wall that trips off the power to the sound if it gets too loud – and they had a good lighting setup that projected out from the DJ booth. But you couldn’t see the DJs. They were hidden by this mass of shiny foil balloons and a blinding lighting setup. You could hear them occasionally but not see them. Not only that, you couldn’t get to them to make requests – not that I felt the need to.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is one from an analytical perspective. Although the DJs were pretty good, chose the right music and were overall recommendable, I had no way of telling who they were, where they were from or how to contact them. No name, number, company name or anything. And no way to get to them to ask for a business card with the stage being unusually high. Even if I’d bumped into them at the food table I wouldn’t have known because I couldn’t see them at the DJ booth through the lighting and smoke so I wouldn’t know what they looked like to approach them.

The point I’m trying to make with this slightly drawn out post is that you need to make yourself both contactable and approachable if your aim is to get more clients through the work that you are doing. It’s like having an advert on the telly with no branding, company name or contact details – just not effective.

Nobody there could recommend them or book them for their own event other than the person that booked them for the reception itself. It seems like a waste of a perfectly good promotional opportunity to me, that’s all, and I feel should be one that’s taken seriously if you are providing a public service that runs on word of mouth, recommendations or building a reputation by public performances to promote yourself further.

I just thought it was worth a mention and a little think about as it’s too easy to carry on doing your job and enjoying it without taking a step back and thinking of the little details that can make such a big difference to your success.

All it would take in this case is to have a little clipboard hanging over the end of the stage with some details and maybe a small light shining over it to draw attention to it for anyone interested. Possibly even a small stack of business cards next to it for those who are interested. The little things really can go a long way and help you become more approachable, even if it isn’t on a personal, face to face level.

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  1. Music Industry Guide Says:

    Very interesting – I used to work as a DJ as a teenager and this was one of the problems I always used to face (particularly with the slightly OTT lighting rig we used to use that exacerbated the problem!)

    Nice Post Ashley I’ll keep tabs on your blog :)

    The Musician’s Guide to World Domination

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